"I've had the pleasure of working with Paula as part of the team promoting our Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce 2009 Trade Fair & Culinary Showcase. Her support marketing this signature Chamber event resulted in our program attendance exceeding our projected goals. I would recommend Paula without hesitation.”


Peter Crowley , President & CEO , Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce

"Paula helped us get our new branding and website in great shape. Her quick response time and ability to get things done were really outstanding."


Edwin R. Baldrige III, CFP, President Baldrige Asset Management

“PCK Marketing has been instrumental in our success as a small retail business. Over the past 4 1/2 years, Paula has introduced several initiatives that have strengthened our brand in the marketplace and increased our sales. She has widespread knowledge of supply chain in several industries and utilizes this information to formulate a plan to work for each individual business to capitalize on. Paula has assisted in the formulation of our brand and lead several PR initiatives such as events, press releases and email campaigns. She is trustworthy and respectful of the client's goals while encouraging the client to utilize the power of a great marketing program. “


Hillary Benzel, Owner, Bliss Jewelry & Accessories

"PCK Marketing has been working with my company for almost 3 years now. Although Paula has primarily provided services in branding, and advertising in print and social media, she has a global way of approaching marketing. She provides a yearly marketing plan that demonstrates her broad knowledge of the market place and Tobias Design's particular needs. She is always bringing creative approaches to the table -- industry partnership opportunities, website creation, hosting creative events and all in between.


Since I have the tendency to put marketing on the back burner, Paula's persistence with me and tenacity with publications has truly paid off. She's been a significant force in negotiating rates and high-profile editorials in targeted publications.


Ultimately the success of any marketing plan is proven with the revenue it generates. To that end PCK's services have been invaluable."


Lisa Tobias, Owner & Designer, Tobias Design, LLC

" I had the pleasure of working with Paula at a growth software company years ago and we have found each other working together yet again for another startup company. Throughout the years that I've known and worked with Paula I've always been impressed with Paula's energy, drive and strategic vision. She understands her market, clients and creatively can work with any size budget to stimulate growth and ensure a consistent revenue stream. She continues to be very reliable and the person to contact to make things happen, no matter what the deadline. Paula's extensive technical knowledge is an added plus as well!"


Greg Caravello , Managing Partner , Professional Sales Development LLC

"Paula is a marketing professional who combines practical, pragmatic skills with creative planning. In our work together she could be counted on to not only get the job done; but also to exceed expectations.”


Joan Clark , Business Marketing Director , AT&T Business

“Paula was one of my principal clients at AT&T while I was on retainer with AT&T to provide a range of executive communications services. Paula took the initiative to create and organize an Executive Speakership training program at AT&T and she tasked me with customizing my Podium Power! workshops to serve the specific needs of AT&T's executives. Paula worked successfully within the company to market the program and communicate its value to various departments and several dozen executives. Thanks largely to Paula's diligence; the program received very high ratings from participants. At every point along the way I was impressed with Paula's professionalism, her strategic insights and vision, and her ability to communicate and market the program effectively. Paula has a positive attitude and a real can-do spirit. A real pleasure to work with!”


Matthew Cossolotto , Author HabitForce! and Owner , Ovations International, Inc.

“Paula has a great blend of strategic vision with tactical execution. She is an independent thinker and has the ability to manage several projects at once. She is always ready to take on more work and has the ability influence large teams.”


Dennis Walsh , Director, External Positioning , AT&T Business

“If I had to pick one word to describe Paula, it would be "Focused." PR and Marketing are almost always linked at the hip, so I had a great opportunity to work with Paula, who was always focused on delivering the best results for her internal clients.”


Mike Darcy , Director, Corporate Communications , Icon CMT

“Paula is an asset to any organization looking to enhance, stimulate, and drive company awareness, customer retention and new business opportunities. She is a dedicated individual who exemplifies hard work and client loyalty. Her work ethic and organization skills facilitate a great working relationship.”


Teresa Spizzuco Mirarchi, Sales Executive, EasyVista, Inc.


Sampling of Clients

ModelRight, Inc.

Dr. Sheryl Radin, DDS

Baldrige Asset Management

Tobias Design, LLC

Mrs. G TV & Appliances

Amcest Corporation

Juventas MedSpa

Bliss Jewelry & Accessories

Herbert K. Ames

Kensho Screenwriting

Green Mountain GEO